Healing the Heart



We welcome you to our inspired classes and workshops for healing various issues of the heart and soul for individuals, couples, and families. Through these classes, you will be equipped with effective tools for yourself, and others, to receive personal breakthrough, and to connect with our true and loving God. We train you how to heal wounds of the heart, break off strongholds, address PTS-related issues, and discover false beliefs to replace with the truth that sets you free.

We equip and mentor those who desire to reach others with God’s love to bring heart & soul healing by using ministry tools, and developing skills & experience. This course will help you become effective in Aurora Worldwide's inner healing methods and tools. You may qualify for the mentoring course after completing all pre-requisite classes (i.e. Levels 1 through 3 and the Dream Discovery Class). Mentorees will receive a Facilitator Certificate upon successful completion.


We will be offering online courses to enable you to learn the Aurora Worldwide's inner healing methods and tools in the comfort of your own home. These will include "Healing the Heart" classes, Mentoring Course, and Facilitator tips. Stay tuned for this exciting upcoming launch that will reach many.

Partnering with REBOOT

We partner with ReBOOT Recovery to support families of both the military and first responders. ReBOOT is a 12-week, faith-based combat trauma healing course. It is designed to address the wounds of war, and conflicts of trauma. The course supports and empowers military and first responders to get the healing and recovery they need. Aurora Worldwide advocates this very valuable national course that restores lives, and helps so many families rebuild within their community, and in leadership.

Founder & President


Itinerate Speaker

Elizabeth RoBless-Johnson

Ordained & Licensed

- International Fellowship of Ministries 

- International Healing Rooms Ministry

Our History

Aurora Ministry has touched the lives of thousands of people through personal ministry prayer sessions, classes and conferences since 2010. Many have experienced deep inner-healing, deliverance, and breakthrough with a richer relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ, Father God, and Holy Spirit.

REBOOT Combat Recovery Ambassador

Inner Healing Facilitator

Transformational Life Coach for Relationships

Recovery and Resiliency Mentor

Founder of Depot Ministries

Retired Veteran - served 28 years

Husband and Co-Minister

Michael Johnson


Global Partner with
AGLOW International

Aurora is a global partner with AGLOW International which also restores people to a radiant place of relationship with God, and with one another. We endorse and herald this apostolic voice that breaks the tyranny of oppression, bringing a Biblical perspective to the governmental, economic, and social issues of our time. As a Kingdom movement, AGLOW equips and trains millions into a company of warriors, champions, and leaders of significance with a global worldview.

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Let me introduce Elizabeth. Elizabeth is age 55 and lives in Lacey, Wa. She is a wife and mother of three adult children, and a grandmother. Elizabeth likes to start her time with Jesus in the early morning hours by settling to her favorite spot and inviting Jesus into the space. Got your morning coffee? Grab your journal and begin your day with inspiration from God, as Elizabeth leads Springboard prayer.te


Springboards are short starter videos designed to launch you into a great conversation with God. So find a comfortable spot, grab your journal, and a pen and taste and see that the Lord is good!

Elizabeth Waves You In